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October, 8

The idea of India will die, unless India speaks up

“It was a mere accident (lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri). Their intention (the rioters) was to injure and not to lynch him. You should also consider the fact that Akhlaq’s 17-year-old daughter was not touched.”

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October, 6

Prime Minister Modi’s Smart Cities project is all smoke and mirrors

Is Rs. 100 crore per year (for 5 years) – the outlay for PM Modi’s ‘Smart Cities’ project – sufficient to develop a smart city? Urban planners world over would scoff at the suggestion.

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October, 6

Dadri’s India: The Nathuram Godses of the world are being glorified

PM talks of ‘Digital India’. It will be meaningless so long as ‘Democratic India’ is fearful and in pain, says Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.

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October, 5

BJP SP and AIMIM are creating communal tension for electoral gain

The entire country is witnessing the vitriolic and divisive hate campaign being unleashed by BJP, SP, AIMIM and others with the sole objective of polarizing India’s polity and creating communal tension as a tool for electoral gain.

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Congress Vice President Speech at Kisaan Samman Rally, Sept 20, 2015


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